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Lose the disposable cameras.

A terrific visual record. The old way was to give every table a disposable camera so you get many perspectives from your big day. The new way is to nab the photos that everyone is already taking with their phones and digital cameras and get them into your Knotpic account immediately.
Everybody’s photos, including the pros. Professional photographers can shuffle their photos into your Knotpic gallery the same way the rest of your guests can, which makes for a great mix of instant memories.
Pro tip: Transfer photos to your computer, watermark them, then shuffle them in so the guests know which ones are yours.

What You Get:

A one-time fee of $29 get's you the following...

  • Your own Knotpic email address (, active immediately.
  • Your own private, customizable, simple Knotpic gallery and URL ( where your pictures can live and stay and be happy.
  • Unlimited photos in your gallery.
  • High-resolution photos (HD 1080p resolution, up to 1920px longest side, great for projecting!)
  • Download a zip of your gallery anytime, as many times as you want.
  • Your pictures are stored forever (and ever and ever and ever).
  • An easy-to-use monitor which can be turned on or off to ensure control.
  • Online support if you have questions or need help.

We do not do any recurring (monthly, yearly) billing, and we do not store your credit card. :)